October 20, 2022

World Week Morning Wendy (10-20-2022)

by Chompers

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What do Australians eat for breakfast? Find out today on Chompers!

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>> Rachel: Good morning. It's time for Chompers, your morning toothbrushing show today our friend Jasmine is here with a special interview. Jasmine. Take it away. 

>> Jasmine: Thanks. Start brushing on the top of your mouth, and heres chompion Ian speaking Korean to count us off

>> Kids: 3, 2, 1 brush! 

>> Jasmine: It's World Week and every day this week we're talking to someone from a different part of the world today. Our friend Wendy is here to tell us about the land down under Australia. 

>>Wendy: My name is Wendy Zukerman And I'm from Australia. 

>> Jasmine: And what's it like in Australia. What would it be like to visit 

Australia is huge. 

>> Jasmine: It's like it's like visiting the U.S. It's a big big place.

>>Wendy: Exactly. It's like visiting the US. 

Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth and keep brushing. 

>>Wendy: So there's so many different things you could see. Beautiful beaches in beautiful hikes high rain forests to go to places waste the heats of kangaroos or wombats and wombat burrows. It's really fun. 

>> Jasmine: Are there any foods that remind you of home or remind you of australia? 

>>Wendy: Bircher Muesli is one that I associate with home.  

>> Jasmine: what's Bircher Muesli?

>>Wendy:  Oh ok so bircher muesli is... You know what muesli. 

>> Jasmine: It's like a cereal? 

>>Wendy:  Oh we've got to go back. 

Switch to the bottom of your mouth and make sure you get the Molars all the way in the back. 

>>Wendy: So we have muesli instead of granola. 

>> Jasmine: Okay.

>>Wendy: So it's just oats, rolled oats, and you throw in fun stuff like fruit and yogurt and all that stuff but you kind of like let it sit in fruit juice actually. 

>> Jasmine: So its like fruity, yogurty, oatmeal? 

>>Wendy: Yes…

>> Jasmine: I mean it sounds good to me!

Switched to the other side of the bottom of your mouth and your front teeth brushed. 

>> Jasmine: Okay is there anything else that you guys say in Australia that we don't say here. 

>>Wendy: You guys throw out the trash I throw out the bin. 

>> Jasmine: You throw out the bins. So you dont say trash cans, you say bins. and bins are where you keep your garbage? 

>>Wendy: Yeah, in fact we called the people to take out the garbage Garbos.

>> Jasmine: Garbos. I like that. Okay cool. That's it for chompers today. 

Come back tonight to find out what other fun things Australians say. Until then Wendy count us off. 

>>Wendy: 3 2 1 spit!