December 5, 2022

Food Week Morning Quiz (12-5-2022)

by Chompers

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Today on Chompers, we want to know: Which dessert was invented by a DENTIST? Gingerbread, cotton candy, or lollipops? 

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>> Rachel: Good morning! You know what time it is? It’s time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show. 

It’s a brand new week on Chompers and this week we’re biting into (SFX CHOMP) … food! 

Today is all about everyone’s favorite -- SWEETS! We’re cracking into some candy, going looney for lollipops, and diving deep into desserts with a QUIZ!


But first, pick a side on the top of your mouth and make sure that you brush all the way to your back teeth!   

>> KIDS: 3-2-1 BRUSH!


>> Rachel: Today on Chompers, we want to know: Which dessert was invented by a DENTIST??  


It’s crazy, right! Because sugar is bad for your teeth, which is why dentists are always telling us to eat fewer sweets.  

And that’s our quiz today.

Which was invented by a dentist. Was it: 

A. Gingerbread 

B. Cotton Candy 


C. Lollipops

Before you make your guess, let’s learn more about these sweet treats … AND switch your brushing to the other side of the top your mouth. Make sure to brush the whole tooth.

Gingerbread (SFX SNAP) is often used around Christmas to make gingerbread houses … but the world’s BIGGEST gingerbread house was the size of an ACTUAL house. (SFX Doorbell)

A few years ago, a town in Texas built an entire house made out of gingerbread.  

They used almost 2,000 pounds of butter! 3,000 pounds of sugar! And 7,000 eggs.

So...was gingerbread invented by a dentist?

Ok let’s move to the bottom of your mouth (SFX SWITCH).

Cotton candy (SFX SWIRL) looks like a cloud on a stick -- it can be pink or blue or white, any color.

Cotton candy has different names around the world. In Greece it’s called “old ladies’ hair” (SFX HELLO). In Australia and Finland, it’s called “fairy floss.” (SFX TINKLE) In France, it’s called “papa’s beard.” (SFX HO HO HO). And In the Netherlands, it’s known as “sugar spider.” (SFX HORROR)

Switch your brushing to the other side of your mouth.

Ok, so we’ve learned about gingerbread and cotton candy. Now, for the last option on our quiz, about which sweet treat was invented by a dentist: LOLLIPOPS.

Some companies make clear lollipops that have grasshoppers, worms, and  scorpions in them! (SFX SLURP) 

Would you try a bug lollipop? (SFX EWW).

So now that we know a little more about gingerbread (SFX Snap), cotton candy, and lollipops, it’s time to make your guess! 

Which one of these was invented by a dentist?  (SFX QUIZ)

Is it  

A. Gingerbread (SFX SNAP?)

B. Cotton Candy (SFX WHIRL)


C. the Lollipop (SFX LICK)

Come back to Chompers tonight for a taste of the answer!

Ok, you’re all done. Ready?

>> KIDS: 3 ...2 ...1 … SPIT!