February 4, 2023

Money Week Night True or False (2-4-2023)

by Chompers

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Can you take unlimited money from an ATM? Find out the answer on tonight's Chompers.

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>> Rachel: Oh hey! You’re just in time for Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show.

Start brushing on the top of your mouth. Pick a side, and brush all the way to the molars in the way back

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 brush!

>> Rachel: It’s Money Week, and tonight we have more true or false for you. I'll say something, and if you think it's true, thumbs up (SFX TRUE). For false, thumbs down (SFX).

Here's your first one: 

You can always go to the ATM and get more money.

So what do you think? Is there always more money in the ATM?

Find out after you switch your brushing to the other side of the top of your mouth, and brush your molars in the way back too.

The answer is … FALSE.  The ATM will only give you as much money as you have in your account!  If you go to the ATM and try to take out 20 dollars, but you only have 10 dollars in your account, the ATM will probably tell you “sorry buddy, you don’t have enough!”

Most people earn money by working at a job.  Every few weeks, their job will give them their PAYCHECK -- that’s the money they earned for their work. (SFX CASH REGISTER) They put their paycheck into their account -- and THEN they can get money to buy the things they need.  

Switch to the bottom of your mouth, and brush your front teeth too. 

Here's another true or false: 

Kids cant use the bank.

So is that true or false? 

The answer is… FALSE! Kids CAN use the bank!  

Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth, and don’t forget those front teeth 

Kids can get an account a bank! They just need a little help from a grownup.  When you’re a kid, your grownup can go to the bank and ask them to create an account for you. You and your grown up will share that account.  You can ask a a grownup that you know, who’s old enough to do things like use the ATM and check how much money is in the account on the internet.

Talk to your grownup! Maybe it’s time for you to think about getting a bank account!

That’s it for Chompers tonight. Until next time, 

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 spit!