October 20, 2022

World Week Night Wendy (10-20-2022)

by Chompers

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Our friend Wendy is back to tell us more about the fun things Australians say!

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>> Rachel: Welcome back. It's time for chompers your morning and night toothbrushing show. Tonight our friend Jasmine is here with a special interview. Jasmine let's go. 

>> Jasmine: Thanks. Start brushing on the top of your mouth. On one side and heres champion James Lee speaking Tagalog.

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 brush

It's World week and tonight our friend Wendy is back to tell us more about the differences between the United States and Australia the country that she comes from. 

So how is the U.S. different from Australia. 

>>Wendy: How you guys have squirrels. We do not have squirrels. We have possum instead, it's pretty much everywhere. 


>>Wendy: Like quite big so you know they'll have these beautiful tails. 

Switched to the other side of the top of your mouth and make sure to brush your front teeth too. 

Are there any other things that you say that are different from what we say here. 

>>Wendy: Yes. A post. Like post people, we just say post.

>>Jasmine: Oh OK like like instead of the mail man or mail woman would say.

>>Wendy: Yeah oh firings instead of firemen firewoman. 

>>Jasmine: Firings. I like it. OK. 

>>Wendy: Ambulance is Amber. 

>>Jasmine: OK. Posts, Firings, and Amber is an ambulance. Got it. 

So much to the bottom of your mouth and keep brushing. 

>>Jasmine: Ok so in Australia how do you say, turn up the air conditioning, turn up the AC.

>>Wendy: In Australia you do not say AC. In Australia we say Air-Con.

>>Jasmine: Air con, yeah thats different. what else 

>>Wendy: We say jumper, you say sweater.


>>Jasmine: What do you call peppers?

>>Wendy: Capsicum.

>>Jasmine: OOOh Capsicum, thats cool.

Switch to the other side of the bottom and get your tongue brushed. 

>>Wendy: Oh, you say arugula, I say rocket 

>>Jasmine: Oh thats fun.

>>Wendy: Its a much funner world

>>Jasmine: Oh, one of the funnest ones Ive discovered is in Australia, babies say poop, adults go poo.

>>Wendy: What do you mean, like adults say they are gonna go poo in the bathroom? 

>>Jasmine: Im gonna go do a poo...

>>Wendy: (Laughs)

>>Jasmine: That's it for chompers today. Until next time. Wendy count us off. 

>>Wendy: 3 2 1 spit!