August 12, 2022

School Week Morning Field Trip (8-12-2022)

by Chompers

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Today our friend Jasmine is here to find out what it might be like on the first day of school!

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>>RACHEL: Good morning. It's time for Chompers! Your Morning and night tooth brushing Show. It's School week so we sent our friend Jasmine... to school! Jasmine, Take it away! 

>>JASMINE: Thanks! Start brushing on the top of your mouth. On one side and make sure to get the molars all the way in the back. 3-2-1 Brush! 


>>JASMINE: I wanted to know more about the first day of school so I went to the Randolph School in Wappingers Falls New York and I asked them to play pretend with me.


>>JASMINE: They let me come visit and pretended it was my first day as a new kindergarten student. Hi!

>>EVAN: Hi! Nice to meet you. You must be Jasmine. 

>>JASMINE: Yeah! 

>>EVAN: Oh I'm so happy that you are here. My name is Evan. I'm going to be one of your teachers this year. 

>>JASMINE: Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth…


>>JASMINE: -and don't brush too hard. 

>>EVAN: I would love to start by showing you all around the school so that you know where everything is. 

>>JASMINE: That sounds good. Okay. 

>>EVAN: All right. Come on in. All right in the morning, you're gonna come straight down this hall to very important place, the cubby room. So you know when you come to school you might need to bring some important things like a coat or a backpack. And this is the place where you're gonna bring that stuff every morning. I see it's almost time to start our morning circle why don't we go meet some of your new friends and get started with our school day? 

>>JASMINE: Cool. Sounds good. 


>>JASMINE:  Switch to the bottom of your mouth…


>>JASMINE: -and make sure you're brushing the inside outside and chewing side of each tooth. After the tour it was time to settle into my new classroom. And start off with a morning message. 


>>EVAN:  All right. So we’re going to do a quick little morning message here!  Jasmine when we do the morning message it helps us know about something special that might be going on during the day. Ready let's say it all together. Let's build a neighborhood in the block room together. Would you guys like to build a neighborhood out of blocks with me? 

>>KID: Sure!  

>>EVAN: Yeah? 

>>KID: I love building!! 

>>EVAN:  All right. 

>>JASMINE: Switch your brushing to the other side of the bottom of your mouth…


>>JASMINE: -and give your tongue a brush too. While you were playing with blocks, I asked my new friends to help me answer some of the questions you sent in to us. "Do you get to have fun at school?". 

>>KID: Yeah! A lot. 

>>KID: Every single day we do something different.

>>JASMINE: Can you tell me about your first day of school?

>>KID: On my first day at school I actually faced my fears and I made new friends. 

>>KID: Like me! 

>>JASMINE: Are you guys friends? 

>>KID: Yeah. 

>>JASMINE: Oh! That's nice!


>>JASMINE:  That’s it for Chompers this morning, but we'll be back tonight to ask my new teacher Evan Miklos more of the questions you Chompions sent into us. For now, class is over! 

>>KIDS: 3 - 2- 1 SPIT!