November 1, 2020

Pets Week Night Kids Choice (11-1-2020)

by Chompers

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Are you ready to hear about the awesome pets that our Chompions sent in to us?

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>> Rachel: Guess what? 


>> Rachel: NO! It's time for more Chompers! Your morning and night toothbrushing show

Start brushing on the top of your mouth on one side, and brush all the way to the molars in the back of your mouth. 

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 brush! 

>> Rachel: It’s Pets Week, and tonight have have more of the awesome pets that you Chompions told us about! 

William & Alice have a bunny named Bun Bun the Rabbit, who loves to roll up into a little polka-dotted ball. 

Molly has a cat named Marshall, who likes to sneak attack people as they walk by (SFX SCREAM).

And Nyla says she doesn't have a pet, but her dad can make breakfast. If you don’t a pet, a dad who can make breakfast might be the next best thing. 

Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth, and give your tongue a brush too 

Calvin’s best friend is a dog named Alfie.  He says that every night when it’s time for bed Alfie starts to bark (SFX BARK) and chase him to the stairs! Sounds like Alfie wants bedtime to be playtime.

Joseph has a beagle that stands on two legs and dances! Joseph's beagle even does a spin for treats! 

Switch to the bottom of your mouth, and make little circles with your brush around each tooth

Eliza has a dog named TACO that can give high fives! Eliza says Taco sometimes gets the zoomies. That means that he runs SUPER fast (SFX PEW PEW PEW). When Taco gets the zoomies, he likes to pick up toys and be chased around!

Ruby and Jolly have a dog named Cody that can stick out his tongue.

And Audrey’s dog Wesley likes to run up to screen doors and make his face crooked! (SFX)

Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth, and brush your front teeth too

This morning we told you about the Chompers team dog, Strider. But tonight we want to tell you about our cat, Claudia! (SFX) Claudia is a tiny cat who loves to meow and tell you all about her day.  She’s THREE COLORS - she has a white belly, black back, and orange spots, which makes her a CALICO cat! Grown-ups, you can find a picture of Claudia on our Twitter - we’re AT Chompers.

That’s a wrap on Chompers tonight, you did a great job brushing. Get some good sleep, but first don’t forget to 

>> KIDS: 3, 2, 1 spit!