March 29, 2021

Songs Week The Dragon Who Couldn't Breath Fire Night (3-29-2021)

by Chompers

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Being a dragon who can't breathe fire is a bummer -- unless you discover you have a different talent! That's what our SONG is about tonight!

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>> RACHEL: Welcome to Chompers, your morning and night toothbrushing show! 

Pick a side on the top of your mouth and brush the outside, the inside, and the chewing side of EVERY tooth!

>> KIDS: 3-2-1 BRUSH!



>> RACHEL: It’s Songs Week, and tonight our song is about a DRAGON!  But this dragon isn’t like the other dragons you may have seen in movies … our dragon CAN’T breath fire!  And it’s really bumming her out!

It’s the saddest thing

What transpired

Back when our hero was known

As the dragon who couldn’t breathe fire

Switch to the other side of the top of your mouth!


>> RACHEL: Make sure you’re reaching all the way back to your molars and give your tongue a brush too. 

All her friends were huffing and puffing

Making great clouds of smoke

She would try and PFF PFF 

She felt like a big dragon joke!

She would blow and blow...


>> RACHEL: She would roar and roar…


>> RACHEL: But nothing would come out … until one day… She heard a musical sound coming out of her mouth, not smokey but it was fire!

>> DRAGON: Roaaarr roaaaaar RAAAAAAAAAAAA

Wow my voice is pretty good!

>> RACHEL: Switch to bottom of your mouth. And don’t forget to brush your front teeth too!


DRAGON: That’s when I learned that I can sing!

I know it’s not the same as blowing smoke rings

Other dragons can start a barbecue

But I can do something that they can’t do!

I am a dragon who can sing!

It turns out, THAT’S MY thing!

>> RACHEL: Switch to the other side of the bottom of your mouth!


>> RACHEL:  And keep making little circles all around each tooth with your toothbrush.

Not every dragon is born breathe fire!

Some dragons are the star of the choir!

>> DRAGON: I can’t make the room hot and smokey...

But I turn up the heat at dragon karaoke!

I am a dragon who can sing! 

It turns out, THAT’S MY thing!



>> RACHEL: You’ve done a great job brushing! Thanks for listening to Chompers!  

Now, it’s time to…

>> KIDS: 3 - 2 - 1 SPIT!


>> RACHEL: Chompers is a production of Gimlet Media.