December 4, 2017

The Voices Hiding in Your Favorite Movies

by Every Little Thing

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Invisible actors create worlds of sound in everything you watch - from Jaws to The Wire.

Guests: Carl Gottlieb, screenwriter and author of "The Jaws Log"; Dann Fink, loop group director and co-owner of Loopers Unlimited; Stuart Stanley, Sound Supervisor; loop group members Eboni Booth, Dennis Carnegie, Axel Avin, Jr., Shannon Burkett, Daphne Gaines, and Rashad Edwards; and Will Ralston, supervising sound editor for The Wire, The Deuce, and Treme. Special Thanks to: John Mabry,  Kelly Coonan, Kareem Maddox, and Max Gibson. Music: Bobby Lord and Dara Hirsch.  

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