September 27, 2021

How Squirrels Track Their Nuts

by Every Little Thing

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This week, we dug up a favorite episode on the secret life of squirrels. The average tree squirrel can bury up to 10,000 nuts every fall. How do they keep tabs on that stash? Animal behaviorist and pro squirrel watcher Mikel Maria Delgado exposes the secrets of squirrel pantry maintenance. Thanks to caller Cayra. This episode of Every Little Thing was produced by Stephanie Werner, Emily Forman, Phoebe Flanigan, Annette Heist and Flora Lichtman, with help from Nicole Pasulka and Doug Barron. Our consulting editors are Caitlin Kenney and Jorge Just. Mixed by Dara Hirsch and Enoch Kim. Scored by Dara Hirsch, Bobby Lord and Emma Munger. ELT is a Gimlet production and a Spotify original podcast.

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