December 10, 2018

Pumpkin Spice: The Science Behind the Invasion. Plus, What’s the Next Big Flavor Fad?

by Every Little Thing

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Why is pumpkin spice a thing? Flavor scientists explain why this particular combination is so appealing -- or not. Plus, how to make a new flavor, and ELT listeners pitch their ideas for the next flavor fad. 

Guests: Food scientist Kantha Shelke; flavor chemist Bill Aslanides.

Thanks to caller Ally, and to flavor forecasters Hunter, Travis, Amelia, Kassy, Rachel, Brooke, Wyatt, Thomas, and to all the listeners who submitted ice cream ideas. Special thanks and congrats to Just Ani.

Additional thanks to Michelle Gillespie of SPINS Research and to Genevieve Aronson of Nielsen Research.

If you want to hear more about pumpkin spice, and flavor science, check out this episode of Science Friday.

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