September 29, 2022

#45 Sgt. John Kapphahn

by Heavyweight

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When Melanie was a kid, she recorded Billy Ray Cyrus’s 1993 TV Special over something irreplaceable: the sole copy of an interview her father did on Walter Cronkite after being injured in Vietnam. Thirty years later, she wants to make things right.


Heavyweight is hosted and produced by Jonathan Goldstein.

This episode was produced by senior producer Kalila Holt, along with Mohini Madgavkar. The supervising producer is Stevie Lane. Production help from Damiano Marchetti.

Special thanks to Emily Condon, Matt Carlson, Peter Molin, Sanya Dosani, Mitch Hansen, Jonah Delso, Sam Reisman, and Jackie Cohen.

The show was mixed by Bobby Lord. 

Music by Christine Fellows, John K Samson, Shanghai Restoration Project, Bauble, and Bobby Lord. Our theme song is by The Weakerthans courtesy of Epitaph Records.

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