September 19, 2016

#28 'Cinderella With Micro Braids'

by Sampler


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Fall's arrival has Brittany thinking about the new slate of TV shows, the start of the film/TV awards season and the state of representation in the media. Aisha Harris, host of Slate's Represent, joins Brittany to discuss some of the best podcast moments about diversity in Hollywood.

Episode #28 features clips from the following episodes (please click below for hyperlink to episodes):

Filmspotting, "#539 Mad Max/Fury Road and Top 5 Car Scenes"

Slate's Represent, "The 'Racism Is Solved' Edition"

KCRW's The Treatment with Elvis Mitchell, "Ava DuVernay: Selma"

Vulture TV podcast, "Viola Davis on Craft Culture and Career"

The Facts:

This episode was produced by Kate Parkinson-Morgan, Sarah Abdurrahman and Brittany Luse.

It was edited by Annie-Rose Strasser.

Sampler’s theme music was made by Micah Vellian and our ad music was made by Mark Phillips.

The show was mixed by Austin Thompson and Ian Scott.

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