May 16, 2024

What the Hell Is at the Edge of Space?

by Science Vs

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With the powers of the James Webb Space Telescope, scientists discovered some super weird things in the early Universe, and it's making some nerds question our theory of everything. 

This story comes to us from our friends at Unexplainable at Vox Media.

Find Unexplainable’s transcript here:

In this episode, we cover:

(0:00) Liftoff

(01:10) The James Webb Space Telescope 

(04:57) Party of the early universe 

(08:39) Mysteries of the early galaxies 

(15:23) How do we figure it out?

This episode was produced by Brian Resnick, with help from Noam Hassenfeld and Meradith Hoddinott, who also manages the Unexplainable team. Editing from Jorge Just, music from Noam, and mixing and sound design from Cristian Ayala. Fact checking from Kelsey Lannin. Mandy Nguyen is searching for new forms of life.

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