March 30, 2023

Alcohol: Time to Put a Cork in It?

by Science Vs

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For decades we’ve been yanked around over alcohol: one day it’s actually good for us, the next day it’s a killer. And recently there’ve been reports that even a little bit of booze is bad for you overall. We first looked into this back in 2019, and since then the research has evolved faster than a nanobrewery’s tap list. So today we’re diving back into the science to find out: is just a bit of alcohol dangerous? We talk to epidemiologist and nutritionist Prof. Eric Rimm, psychologist Prof. Tim Stockwell, cancer researcher Dr. Susan Gapstur, and substance use disorder researcher Dr. Peter Butt.

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In this episode, we cover: 

(00:00) The debate over alcohol

(03:26) Why alcohol might be good for us

(10:10) Why alcohol might be bad for us

(16:30) Why are experts recommending even less alcohol now?

(19:30) Alcohol and cancer risk

(25:32) Our conclusion on alcohol


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