May 7, 2024

Tig Notaro Shares Her Favorite Jokes

by Science Vs

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Comedian Tig Notaro, who just released her fifth comedy special, "Hello Again," joins us for a chat about the science of her comedy: telling us how she builds jokes, and of course sharing a bunch of dumb and fabulous jokes. Enjoy! 

Here's our Funniest Joke in the World Episode!! 

Find our transcript here:

In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) We're interviewing Tig! 

(01:22) I could be a comedian? 

(02:47) How Tig creates a joke 

(08:59) The element of surprise

(12:27) The world's funniest joke?

(13:55) Tig's favorite jokes

This episode was produced by Wendy Zukerman, with help from Michelle Dang, Rose Rimler and Meryl Horn. We’re edited by Blythe Terrell. Mix and sound design by Bobby Lord. Music written by Bobby Lord and Bumi Hidaka. 

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