September 30, 2021

True Love: Is Monogamy Unnatural?

by Science Vs

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[REBROADCAST] Are humans built for monogamy? Or is the idea of having one partner forever just a myth forced on us by tired old love songs? We revisit the science of love in one of our favorite episodes, hearing from Dr. Helen Fisher, Professor Larry Young and Dr. Dieter Lukas.

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This episode was produced by Wendy Zukerman with Heather Rogers, Kaitlyn Sawrey, Ben Kuebrich, Shruti Ravindran and Rose Reid. Editing by Annie Rose Strasser and Blythe Terrell. Extra editorial help from Alex Blumberg. Production assistance from Stevie Lane. Fact checking by Ben Kuebrich, Taylor White and Rose Rimler. Music production and original music written by Bobby Lord. Special thanks to Joseph Lavelle Wilson, Austin Mitchell and to Professor Karen L Kramer, Professor Garth Fletcher, Dr. Alexander G. Ophir, Professor David Barash, and Richard Bethlehem.