June 17, 2015

Dating Ring 8: Til Debt Do Us Part

by StartUp

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The Story

We’ve come a long way in our story following Dating Ring. We've seen the company through it’s successes and low moments. And in episode 8, they face their greatest challenge, a challenge that is the root cause of why many startups fail: cofounder disagreements. The tensions start out small. But then things quickly escalate into arguments over equity and roles in the company. Lauren and Emma find themselves having conversations with each other they never thought they’d have. Plus, they get some advice from someone in the business of dealing with cofounder disagreements, the CEO Whisperer.

The Facts

Our iTunes artwork was illustrated by Cari Vander Yacht. Check out her work at www.carivanderyacht.com Our theme song was written and performed by Mark Phillips. Season two of Startup features brand new original music, written and performed by our own John Delore along with his band mates, Jordan Scanella, Sam Merrick and Isamu McGregor

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