February 14, 2015

Gimlet 14: Where We Are

by StartUp

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The Story We have big news. After months of documenting the company, we're bringing this chapter in Gimlet Media's story to a close. Episode 14 begins with an important conversation between Alex and Nazanin about the business and their family. Alex also checks in with another person who has seen the company from the beginning, Silicon Valley legend Chris Sacca. It’s been seven months since Alex made his disastrous pitch to Chris, 

near a highway overpass along West Pico Boulevard in Los Angeles, and they discuss how Chris feels about his investment. Alex learns what all Chris’s founders have in common. And Chris shares what entrepreneurs can learn from the world’s second best wii tennis player. It’s been a long journey, but really, it’s only the beginning. In the second half of the show, Alex and StartUp co-host Lisa Chow, dive into the crazy startup world and introduce the stars of season two, young founders trying to defy the odds in a multibillion dollar industry. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter and get all the Gimlet Media updates. And if you’ve enjoyed the first season of StartUp, please review us in the iTunes store. We’d appreciate the feedback. 

The Facts Our theme song was written and performed by 

Mark Phillips. The special ad music, Microliters, was written and performed by Build Buildings. Other music in this episode: 1. Revolutionary Dreams 10 -- Anders Morlin 

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