November 20, 2017

1. I Love a Ghost/Fred the Carrot

by Story Pirates

Background show artwork for Story Pirates

The new season of the Story Pirates Podcast is finally here! In this first episode, Lee and Peter set sail on a pirate ship to fulfill their dream of recording the Story Pirates Podcast on the open ocean! They're joined by the entire Story Pirates crew, as well as a real-life pirate captain with...questionable navigation skills.
Featured in today’s episode are two new stories: “I Love a Ghost,” by a 5th grader from Mill Creek, WA named Keagon Dougherty and “Fred the Carrot,” by a 2nd grader from Brooklyn, NY named Alex Katsanos.
We are now accepting submissions for new stories written by kids!  Our new theme is “Make Up Your Own Holiday.”  Kids, write a story about a made-up holiday, tell us who celebrates the holiday, and how they celebrate it!  Parents, submit your child’s story at

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