November 20, 2017

1. I Love a Ghost/Fred the Carrot

by Story Pirates

The new season of the Story Pirates Podcast is finally here! In this first episode, Lee and Peter set sail on a pirate ship to fulfill their dream of recording the Story Pirates Podcast on the open ocean! They're joined by the entire Story Pirates crew, as well as a real-life pirate captain with...questionable navigation skills.
Featured in today’s episode are two new stories: “I Love a Ghost,” by a 5th grader from Mill Creek, WA named Keagon Dougherty and “Fred the Carrot,” by a 2nd grader from Brooklyn, NY named Alex Katsanos.
We are now accepting submissions for new stories written by kids!  Our new theme is “Make Up Your Own Holiday.”  Kids, write a story about a made-up holiday, tell us who celebrates the holiday, and how they celebrate it!  Parents, submit your child’s story at