December 19, 2022

Next Wife vs Ex-Wife: Should Step-Mother Stop Mother?

by Dysfunctional Family Storytime

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Amuse-bouche: Jorge & Sun Sister Boguki page the Ascended Masters to help out with their AMA.

Main Course: When Sandra married Tom, he had three kids and an ex-wife, which made her new family circle feel more like a Venn diagram. Sandra feels stuck in the middle, and she’s got to figure out whether her confusion and anxiety are about her messy new family, or her own parents’ messy divorce.  

For help she turns to Dr. Alexandra Sacks, a therapist who focuses on pregnancy, motherhood, and family, for a real, podcast-as-therapy session, complete with all the raw emotion and stark realizations of therapy, minus the chit chat about scheduling and refilling your meds. 

This episode comes from Motherhood Sessions.

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