December 26, 2022

Vive La Resistance

by Dysfunctional Family Storytime

Background show artwork for Dysfunctional Family Storytime

Today we celebrate the massively acclaimed podcast Resistance with an episode called  Borders Between Us. It’s the deeply personal, absolutely beautiful story about host Saidu Tejan-Thomas Jr.’s own family. About the parents he lost, the regrets left behind, and the lessons he’s still trying to learn. It’s a deeply resonant, straight-up beautiful story. And it’s the best thing you'll hear today. Even if today’s the first time your child says they love you. If that happens, chances are you won’t even pause the episode. 

AND A BONUS! Keep listening after the story to hear Jorge and Saidu talk about this piece, Saidu’s evolving relationship to family, and a bunch of other extremely smart and interesting shit. 

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