June 8, 2023

Ask an Astrophysicist (with Dr. Chanda Prescod Weinstein & Joseph Earl Thomas)

by Stuck with Damon Young

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This week on Stuck with Damon Young, Dr. Chanda Prescod Weinstein, Theoretical Physicist and Black Feminist Science and Society joins Damon for a conversation rooted in religion, science, identity and the comprehension of the universe around us. Then in Dear Damon, author Joseph Earl Thomas and Damon consider a listener's aversion to driving while black. 

Episode chapter timestamps: 

0:33 Are We Living in a Simulation? 

5:47 Spirituality vs Astrophysics  

13:29 Unorthodox Judaism Origin Stories 

19:00 Where does the universe go when we close our eyes?

33:29 Damon Hates Small Talk

36:20 Dear Damon: Author Joseph Thomas Earl helps Damon advise a listener who's fed up with driving while Black

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