July 20, 2023

WTF is Wrong with Clarence Thomas? (with Joel Anderson & Shaniqua McClendon)

by Stuck with Damon Young

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Joel Anderson, host of Slate's "Slow Burn" podcast, which this season is focused on Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas, joins Damon to discuss the origins and driving motivations of one of the most influential, yet problematic, African Americans in our country's history. Then on Dear Damon, Shaniqua McClendon, vice president of politics at Crooked Media, helps advise a listener who is tired of discussing politics.


00:00 Show Open

00:37 Intro

01:41 Joel Anderson Introduction

05:45 What Damon’s Dad Thinks of Clarence Thomas

10:30 Clarence Thomas and Anita Hill

20:06 Clarence Thomas is one of the Most Influential Black Figures in History

34:40 Damon Hates

37:18 Dear Damon with Shaniqua McClendon

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