August 24, 2023

Blindsided by White “Saviors” (with Saida Grundy)

by Stuck with Damon Young

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On the heels of retired NFL player Michael Oher’s recent lawsuit against the Tuohy family, where he claims that they manipulated him into a conservatorship, University of Boston Professor Saida Grundy returns to help Damon unpack all of the problems with “The Blindside.” Including why the white savior narrative is so seductive (and so dangerous), and how both Michael Lewis (the author of The Blindside) and the Tuohy family have capitalized, for years, on an intentional mischaracterization of Oher possessing severe intellectual disabilities. 


00:00- Cold Open

00:35 - Show Intro

01:58 - Saida Grundy Intro

3:00 - Explaining The Blindside/ Michael Oher Conservatory Saga

12:35 - Film Discussion

18:08 - Who are the Tuohy's

28:00 - Saida's White Savior Identity Theory

34:30 - What Happens Next?

38:55 - Outro

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