October 19, 2023

When White People Try to Put You to Sleep (with Michael Harriot & Morgan the Producer)

by Stuck with Damon Young

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Michael Harriot, author of Black AF History, joins Damon for a discussion on the history of the word "woke" and the real world danger of writing the truth about white people. Then, Morgan the Producer helps Damon discuss how Jada Pickett-Smith's recent comments on her and Will Smith's "marriage" change Damon's opinion on the Chris Rock Oscars slap.

00:00 Open

00:12 Introduction

01:19 Michael Harriot joins Damon for a conversation about wokeness

12:29 Black authors who write about racism with a large following of white people

25:59 Damon Hates the way he was given a citation 

29:05 Dear Damon with Morgan the producer on Will and Jada

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