April 6, 2023

Pay What You Owe (with Yamiche Alcindor & Saida Grundy)

by Stuck with Damon Young

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This week on Stuck with Damon Young, Yamiche Alcindor joins Damon to discuss the battle for slavery reparations in the United States. From history, to current events, they delve into the argument in favor of reparations and the best way to compensate the descendants of slaves for the labor of their ancestors. Then, on Dear Damon, Boston University professor Saida Grundy helps Damon advise a listener who is a descendant of slave owners who wants to give back to the black community.

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In this episode, we cover:

(00:00) Introduction

(03:32) Damon discusses a 2014 conversation about Ta-Nehisi Coates article that argues for reparations

(14:00) Bruce's Beach reparations situation discussion

(29:27) Damon Hates: People who stare while his kids have a meltdown

(32:28) A reparations themed Dear Damon with Saida Grundy

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