September 4, 2017

BONUS: Eric Hates Reading The Credits

by The Nod

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In this week's outtakes: Eric struggles with names, and Brittany has good foundational skincare.


The Nod is produced by Eric Eddings, Brittany Luse, Kate Parkinson-Morgan, and James T. Green. Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurrahman. We are edited by Jorge Just and Annie-Rose Strasser.

Our theme music is by Calid B.


Eric Eddings:  Shit this has to be a mess OK. It's like.

Eric: I had Popeye's and Chinese food yesterday. I feel fucking terrible.

Brittany Luse: Wh—, why’d you do that?

Eric: When we woke up feeling real rough and wanted like hangover food and then we found out that Popeye's delivers now.

Brittany: Yes they do!

Eric: And were like,  well that just means we have to try it right? Like, we gotta do Popeye’s delivered. I ate like a whole 4 piece.

Brittany: Congratulations. You played yourself.  

Eric: The credits. The credits. Just a whole bunch of names just like Danger danger like danger..

Brittany: Peanut. Butter. History.

Eric: It's like it's like Eartha Kitt. It's like you're Eartha Kitt

Brittany: It reminds me more of Jeffrey from fresh prince

Eric: Him too

Eric: Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurahman… Sada, Saraa. Fuck

Brittany: [laughs] Credits on struggle!

Eric: And then I had this biscuit

Brittany: The biscuit was so tender!

Eric: The biscuit was SO good!

Eric: We are edited by Jorge Just and Annie-Rose [Strausser]. Is that right?


Eric: STRASSER! Fuck! I thought I had it right. Yall didn’t even flinch so I thought I did it right. Alright. Alright.

Brittany: I USED to to go the club. I don't go to the club anymore. You know what it is, imma tell you something. The older you get Kate, you cannot be at the club standing with everybody else. You have to be in VIP which is why I almost never go because I think we were stuck up or they said and I'm like no they're tired. It’s true Kate. It's too tiring to be at the club standing around with everybody else. You need a place to retreat.

Eric: We are edited by Jorge Just and Annie-Rose Strasser. Strausser

Brittany: Mmm, mmm you had right the first time!

Eric: With editing.

Brittany: Oh my God Kate I wish you could’ve seen Eric’s face when we first sat down on the plane after he watched me spray moisturizer on my face. I sprayed my face with Rosewater, then I put on some of serum and like some eye balm before I was sleeping on the plane, because you know it's like they air up there is so dry. And Eric saw this as he was walking down the aisle on the airplane. And he was so just like mortified and so disgusted. So he sat down next to me and is just like “uhhhh”.

Eric: No, Brittany… Brittany is good with names.

Brittany: I took a lot of languages. I’m a really good mimic. That's why. I’m a really good mimic.

Sarah Abdurrahman (Senior Producer): That’s what I was smiling about.

Eric: I thought you were judging me.

Sarah: No

Eric: You usually are.

Sarah:  I usually am not, Eric. What did we say about projecting?

Eric: Ok I'm sure.

Brittany: I’m glad somebody having conversations with Eric about projection because I’m struggling. Struggle, struggle.

Eric: With editing help from Vann Newkirk, II, Blythe Terrell, Terrell.. Fuck! It's not that far from your shade of brown.

Brittany: That's actually really true. This is like really. Maybe that's gonna become like a new thing. I wish somebody would yell out like “Hey peanut butter! Smooth peanut butter skin.” I wish somebody would say that to me.

Eric: Some peanut butter foundation?

Brittany: I would actually wear peanut butter foundation, but I don't wear foundation because I have good foundational skincare.

Brittany: September 1st move in…

Eric: Did you use my spreadsheet?

Brittany: No.

Eric: You should!

Brittany:… But I think I resent the fact that you call it “your” spreadsheet. Like although it is a spreadsheet you ma-


Brittany: Look at this. I love this reaction. What I’m saying is though, it’s a spreadsheet. It’s a spreadsheet.

Eric: First off there’s… it’s…

Brittany: It’s a spreadsheet. You make it sound like it’s like “I need this”, like it’s like the eye of Sauron

Eric: First off, I put… there’s a lot of time… data visualization is…

Brittany: Alright, let's just… let’s record this. I'm done I'm done, I went down the wrong corner. Abort! Abort! Abort!

With editing help from Vann Newkirk II, Blythe Terrell… Terrell, fuck. Jesus Christ. All right. You think these are like tongue twisters like. I hate names they stress me out I hate names.

Sarah: But are you OK with the fact that all of this is going to be bonus content?

Eric: I mean sure it's fine whatever. People need to understand what I go through. People be having some names man.