February 19, 2018

Jumping the Broom

by The Nod

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Planning a wedding is stressful. There’s making the guest list, sticking to a budget and picking the right dress. Writer Ashley Ford knows this all too well— she’s getting married! This week, Eric guides Ashley through a wedding decision that’s a lot more complicated than it appears...


Follow Ashley Ford on Twitter (seriously, she has an A+ Twitter). And don't sleep on her podcast with Gimlet Creative, Fortune Favors the Bold. She also hosts the podcast 112BK by Bric Media.

Watch the film, Jumping the Broom.

Follow Professor Tyler Parry on Twitter.

Watch Roots, the original version.

Check out Harriet Cole's "Jumping the Broom: The African American Wedding Planner." 

And our producer, Kate, found this song about jumping the broom called "Let's Jump the Broomstick." It was originally recorded in the 50s by a Black Nashville group, Alvin Gaines and The Themes, and later covered by Brenda Lee.


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And one final note: if you’re a fan of the Nod, don’t be selfish, tell a friend. Pull out their phone, download your favorite episode, talk about it after. It’s Black history month y’all, do it for the ancestors!