November 20, 2017

Ready, Set … Buy Black

by The Nod

Background show artwork for The Nod

Tupac vs. Biggie. Mac vs. PC… Brittany vs. Eric. This week, Brittany and Eric’s rivalry reaches new heights as they face off in a competition that tests their smarts, perseverance and maybe even their friendship. Who will win bragging rights for life? And who will take the L? We've created a map of all the Black-owned businesses Brittany and Eric visited during their scavenger hunt. Soon, you'll be able to submit your recommendations to the map, so make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. Buy Black Scavenger Hunt List: Take a selfie: ☐At a bar with the current beer on draft ☐With a pair of Air Force Ones, size 9 1/2 ☐Wearing something blue in a fitting room ☐Eating a sweet treat from a bakery ☐Exercising in a fitness spot Bring back a… ☐Mug ☐Bag of coffee Beans ☐Box of quinoa ☐Deodorant ☐Box of Doc McStuffins Huggies ☐All-black du-rag ☐Ticket stub from Black-owned museum ☐Bag of hair from a barber shop ☐Shoe Polish 


The Nod is produced by Brittany Luse, with Eric Eddings, Kate Parkinson-Morgan, James T. Green and Emanuele Berry.  Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurrahman. With production assistance from Wallace Mack. We are edited by Annie-Rose Strasser. Engineering from Cedric Wilson. Our theme music is by Calid B. Additional music in the show by Takstar and Calid B. Thanks to Mike Bolton for creating our Buy Black map. 


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