October 16, 2017

The Cowboy Of The West Village

by The Nod

Background show artwork for The Nod
Brittany tells the incredible story of a person you should have heard of by now, but probably haven’t.


Storme DeLarverie’s obituary in The New York Times


The Nod is produced by Brittany Luse, with Eric Eddings, Kate Parkinson-Morgan, and James T. Green. Our senior producer is Sarah Abdurrahman. We were edited this week by Annie-Rose Strasser, Alex Blumberg and Jorge Just. Additional editing help from Sarah Geis and Jordan Barnes. Fact checking by Nicole Pasulka. Engineering from Cedric Wilson and Matthew Boll. Our theme music is by Calid B. Additional music in the show by Bobby Lord, Haley Shaw, The Five Du-Tones and The Morrie Morrison Orchestra.