July 30, 2018

Best of the Nod: Cooperative Economics

by The Nod

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There was once a grocery store in Chicago that Black folks LOVED. And that grocery store made one of the most iconic commercials the city has ever seen. We hear the story behind that commercial. Plus, what does it mean to “buy Black?” And how… practical is that? Brittany and Eric go on a scavenger hunt to figure it out. To commemorate our 1 year anniversary, we’ll be playing the hits, as determined by you, all month. The people voted, and here we have it— part 3 of The Best of The Nod, featuring "Moo and Oink" and "Buy Black. "

Watch the classic "Moo and Oink" commercial here.

Music in this episode from: Haley Shaw, Takstar and Calid B.