June 4, 2019

04. Life Upon the Wicked Stage

by The Two Princes

Background show artwork for The Two Princes

Rupert and Amir are a captive audience.

The Two Princes was created and written by Kevin Christopher Snipes and directed by Mimi O'Donnell. 

Shohreh Aghdashloo- Queen Atossa, Christine Baranski- Queen Lavinia, Alfredo Narciso- Barabbas, Noah Galvin- Prince Rupert, Ari'el Statchel- Prince Amir, Richard Kind- Cedric, and Mandi Masden- Crazy Tooth.

Executive producer Mimi O'Donnell, senior producer Katie Pastore, producer Annamaria Sofillas, associate producer MR Daniel. Edited and mixed by Matthew Boll, sound design by Daniel Brunelle, score by Greg Laswell and Bobby Lord. 

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