April 25, 2017

Kill Rock Stars: We Wanted Everything to Change

by The Venture

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Kill Rock Stars is one of indie rock’s most respected record labels, known by fans for its superior taste in music, and by musicians for its ethical approach to business. Nirvana, Sleater-Kinney and Elliott Smith all have roots at the label. But there are a lot of bumps on the road, as you take a business from a one-bedroom apartment to the big time. Follow founder Slim Moon and current label president Portia Sabin, who happen to be married, as they face personal tragedy, their personal demons, and a massive change in their industry’s business model. Through it all, it’s a story about making a space for yourself, and putting people before profits.

The Venture is hosted by Ashley Milne-Tyte

This episode features:

Slim Moon, founder of Kill Rock Stars
Portia Sabin, president of Kill Rock Stars
Corin Tucker, co-founder of Sleater-Kinney
Cameron Esposito, comedian
Rhea Butcher, comedian
Sean Nelson, arts and music editor, The Stranger/member of Harvey Danger
George Howard, co-founder, Music Audience Exchange and founder of Slow River Records
Jessica Hopper, executive editor of MTV News and author of The First Collection of Criticism by a Living Female Rock Critic

Songs and Audio featured in this episode include:

“Conflict Free Diamonds” by Kinski
"Feels Blind" by Bikini Kill
"Die" by Bratmobile
"Rebel Girl" by Bikini Kill
“Tip Toe Blues (Instrumental)” by Michael Smith
“Mean” by Slim Moon (spoken word)
“You Speak Jealousy” by Unwound
“Reject All American” by Bikini Kill
“Miss Misery (Early Version)” by Elliott Smith
“Howl at the Moon (Instrumental)” by Werwulf
"We Think She's a Nurse" by Kinski
“Arresting and Existing (Edit) (Instrumental)” by Keen Collective
“Needle in the Hay” by Elliott Smith
“Steady Waltz (Alt. 1) (Instrumental)” by WZRDS
“Automatic Music” by Stereo Total
“Real Butcher” by Rhea Butcher (comedy)
“Fremm” by bed.
“Illegal” by Stereo Total

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