Background show artwork for Songs to Brush Your Teeth To

Chompers, Gimlet’s award-winning twice-daily toothbrushing show for kids that makes building healthy brushing habits fun, has released its first full-length children's music album, Songs To Brush Your Teeth To! 

Parents and kids around the world can listen to a danceable, boppable, brush-along-able mix of hits from Chompers' back catalog of more than 400 episodes. Songs to Brush Your Teeth To is available for free on Spotify and all platforms where you can listen to music.

No one knows if I’m an alligator or a crocodile, but what we can say for sure is Songs to Brush Your Teeth To is the union of bops and brushing that we’ve been waiting for. I know that our Chompions around the world will love it.

– Champ the Chompers mascot

Get more Chompers!

Make tooth time easy with this morning and night tooth brushing show for kids. When it’s time for your family to brush teeth, say “Alexa, start Chompers or listen for free wherever you get your podcasts. 

Kids will hear jokes, riddles, stories, fun facts, silly songs and more, that’ll keep them giggling - and brushing - for the full two minutes that dentists recommend. 

To help your family build good brushing habits, Chompers counts the times you brush and celebrates your streaks. Chompers will have kids reminding parents that it's time to brush, not the other way around!

Recommended for tooth brushers ages 3 - 7.