September 12, 2018

Episode 5: The Second Pilot

by Casting Call

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We’ve made it to the final stage of Casting Call. There are spoilers in this episode. There are even spoilers in this description. Begin at Episode 1.

If you’re still reading, we trust you have listened to the first four episodes.

This is “Our Allowance,” the pilot from Natalie Peart. This show is a space for people of color to share how they’ve made money work for them, despite living with an economic system not built for their financial success. Hear what it took to develop this show, and listen to the episode this finalist made. It tracks a centuries-old financial tradition that’s transforming for the modern day.

Casting Call is a reality competition podcast brought to you by Squarespace and Gimlet Creative. We’re on a mission to find America’s next top podcaster, and we need your help. After listening to the series, vote on your favorite pilot at The winning host will get their very own Gimlet miniseries. The winner will be announced in Casting Call's final episode on October 3rd. 

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