February 25, 2020

Episode 1: Meet The Quinneys (Season 2)

by Conviction

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In 1989, nine-year-old John Quinney accused his father Melvin of being a satanic cult leader and abusing him in satanic rituals. His father vehemently denied the charges. It was a case that tore their family apart. But what none of them knew was that they were just one of dozens of families going through the same nightmare.

Conviction is a production of Gimlet. This season is hosted and produced by me, Julia Marchesi and Sharon Shattuck. 

Our producers are Meg Driscoll and John White. Additional production by Matthew Boll. Our senior producer is Lauren Silverman. Our editors are Devon Taylor and Alex Blumberg. 

Sound design and mixing by Matthew Boll. Original music by Marcus Bagala . With orchestration by Mark Baechle and performances by Gregory Luce, Brianne Lugo, Susan D. Mandel, Kirin McElwain, Samuel Bagala, Kris Rogers, Aaron Drescher and Josh Plotner. Additional music by Bobby Lord. Credits song ‘Hangman’ by Red Tail Ring.

Our fact checker is Nicole Pasulka. 

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