August 2, 2017

Design For All

by .future

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Inclusive design is a widely-used concept in the design world. The idea is that when you create products, you actively choose to design that product for everyone
This is particularly important for technology companies like Microsoft. As more and more of our lives become digital, we rely on tech for our livelihoods, our social lives, keeping in touch with our families… everything.

But unlike in the physical world, where buildings with stairs instead of elevators might pre-date our current understanding of inclusivity, new technology has no excuse. And that’s the choice we’re talking about today. The choice to widen your world, and design from a perspective that allows everyone to participate.

You can check-out Angela Glover Blackwell’s piece on The Curb-Cut Effect here:

This episode features:
Dan Formosa  —  Designer and Consultant 
Angela Glover Blackwell  —  Founder of PolicyLink
Jenny Lay-Flurrie  —  Chief Accessibility officer at Microsoft
Sean Marihugh  —  Escalation Engineer at Microsoft 
Crystal Jones  — Escalation Engineer at Microsoft
Erin Williams  —  Senior Supportability Program Manager at Microsoft 

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