May 5, 2022

Should I Give Up Beef?

by How to Save a Planet

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A quarter of global greenhouse gas emissions come from agriculture and land use – and a big portion of those emissions come from producing meat. Adopting a plant-based diet is one of the biggest steps an individual can take to reduce their own carbon footprint. So, should we all stop eating meat? Or is it more complicated than that? This week, we take a tour through the bodily functions of cows, millions of acres of corn, and the hidden policy that shapes the American food system to answer that question once and for all.

(This episode first aired March 25, 2021.)

Calls to action:

  • Sign up to track the latest U.S. Food & Agriculture bills here, and contact Agriculture Committee members (House and Senate) about supporting a climate-friendly Farm Bill.
  • Contact the places you eat regularly about providing beef-less options – maybe it’s the cafeteria at work or school, or a community gathering space. Meatless Monday has resources for institutions that want to provide more climate-friendly meals.
  • Get involved with a local organization fighting food insecurity, a mutual aid group, a community garden, or a co-op.

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