April 14, 2022

Presenting: Extreme Home Makeover - Threshold Edition

by How to Save a Planet

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We're bringing you an episode from a podcast called Threshold.

If you've been listening to How to Save a Planet for a while, you know that our focus is exploring what communities, businesses and governments can do to address the climate crisis. But, we do get a lot of listener questions about actions they can personally take and a lot of those questions have been about decarbonizing homes.

So, we've decided to share this episode with you. It's called 'Extreme Home Makeover: Threshold Edition' and it follows a couple different people from Livingston, Montana to New York City on their journeys to make their homes more environmentally friendly. You can learn more about Threshold by visiting thresholdpodcast.org.


This episode of Threshold was produced and reported by Nick Mott, with help from Amy Martin and Erika Janik. The music is by Todd Sickafoose.

The rest of the Threshold team is Caysi Simpson, Deneen Wiske, Eva Kalea, Sam Moore, and Shola Lawal. Our intern is Emery Veilleux. Thanks to Sara Sneath, Sally Deng, Maggy Contreras, Hana Carey, Dan Carreno, Luca Borghese, Julia Barry, Kara Cromwell, Katie deFusco, Caroline Kurtz, and Gabby Piamonte. Special thanks to Donnel Baird, Elizabeth Yeampierre, Katherine Janda, Joanne Huang, Shamim Graff, and Rebekah Morris.

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