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Welcome to Mogul, a show about hip hop’s most iconic moments, told by the people who lived them.


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Alyia Yates


Alyia is a producer for Mogul. Her talents have been featured on Crosscurrents, The Kitchen Sisters, and Spooked. But before all of that, she was known all over Yelp as the "waitress with the extremely long and decorative nails". She hails from Kansas City, Missouri but don't hold that against her. And she currently has no hobbies cause her hobby is now her job...Thank goodness.

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Haley Shaw


Haley is Sr. Audio Engineer/Composer at Gimlet, where she mixes audio and creates music and sound design. When she's not working on podcasts, she produces music for recording artists under the name So Wylie. Prior, she wrote music for picture and worked in audio post production.

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Lynn Levy


Lynn Levy is an editor at Gimlet. She hosted The Habitat, which documented a year-long simulated mission to Mars. Before coming to Gimlet, Lynn produced stories for Radiolab.

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Matthew Nelson


Matthew is the Supervising Producer of Mogul. Prior to joining Gimlet, he reported and produced features for the BBC World Service, NPR, and CBC.