April 18, 2018

Episode 6: I Feel Like A Million Dollars

by The Habitat

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The crew opens the hatch.

The Habitat is a production of Gimlet Media. It’s produced by Lynn Levy, Peter Bresnan, and Megan Tan. Our editors are Alex Blumberg, Jorge Just, Caitlin Kenney, and Blythe Terrell. Music, sound design, and mixing by Haley Shaw. Music supervision by Matthew Boll. Our credits music in this episode is performed by Pavo Pavo, and written by David Bowie. Our fact checker is Michelle Harris. Thanks to Kaitlin Roberts for her help. And a very special thanks to the HI-SEAS crew: Andrzej, Christiane, Cyprien, Carmel, Shey, and Tristan.

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