December 19, 2016


by Undone

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In 1975 a group of activists set off into the Pacific Ocean to confront a fleet Soviet whalers. This episode is about that moment, when this tight-knit group of activists came together to set off a movement … and how today, 40 years later, some of them can’t even talk to one another.

Undone is hosted by Pat Walters.

This episode was produced by Julia DeWitt and Emanuele Berry. Our senior producer is Larissa Anderson. Editing by Alan Burdick and Caitlin Kenney. Production assistance by Isabella Kulkarni.

Undone is mixed and scored by Bobby Lord, with additional music by Nate Sandberg of Plied Sound and Sean Jacobi. Our fact-checker is Michelle Harris.

Special thanks to Jerry Rothwell, Ron Precious, Emily Hunter, Carlie Trueman and Bunny McDiarmid.

Undone was conceived in collaboration with our friends at Retro Report, the documentary film series that connects iconic news events of the past to today. You can find them here.

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