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We Came to Win

The stories behind the greatest moments of the World Cup.

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Daniel Ramirez

Daniel is the Audio Engineer for Scripted Fiction and is based in Los Angeles, California. Prior to Gimlet, he earned his stripes working at recording studios in Hollywood and Malibu. Later, he shifted focus and became a Sound Designer/Composer at APM’s Marketplace and Crooked Media. Daniel is a family man and will never say no to chocolate.

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Khairi Williams


Khairi "Ky Will" Williams has a love for writing, creating and telling stories rooted in music & culture. Khairi started his professional podcast career as a Producer at ESPN where he worked on "The Right Time" w/ Bomani Jones and created "Elle & Fitz Talkin Music" hosted by Elle Duncan and Jason Fitz. Ky also has worked in live radio in New York City for Hot 97, WBLS and ESPN radio which were two skills that prepared him to produce "The Get Up" here on Spotify which is a beautiful marriage of the two mediums. You can follow Ky on IG @kywillmedia and Twitter @KyWill211.

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Matthew Nelson


Matthew is the Supervising Producer of Mogul. Prior to joining Gimlet, he reported and produced features for the BBC World Service, NPR, and CBC.